Helium Hotspot : HNThold Lucky Draw Promotions

LUCKY DRAW PROMOTION : (1st MAY 2021 UNTIL 31st OCT 2021) 12 units of HELIUM Hotspot Miner (RAK V2 or Equivalence) Eligibility Requirement : Upgrade Free Membership to either HEC100, HEC500 or HEC1000 Entitlement : HEC100 (get 1 lucky draw ticket), HEC500 (get 3 lucky draw ticket), HEC1000 (get 10 lucky draw ticket), Lucky Draw […]

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Helium Mining : How Do Hotspots Earn Helium Tokens?

The Helium blockchain rewards Hotspots for providing wireless coverage and verifying the Helium Network. Hotspots are rewarded in Helium Token, $HNT. Every epoch, the current consensus group mines approximately 30 blocks on the blockchain. In each block, Helium Hotspots perform various types of work and are awarded according to the following distribution:

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Helium Mining : Proof of Coverage

Helium Proof of Coverage (Helium PoC) is the new algorithm that was created for Helium. It verifies that the Helium Hotspots in the network are physically located where they claim, and that they are honestly representing the LoRaWan LongFi wireless coverage that’s being created by the Helium Hotspot for its location. Why Proof of Coverage? […]

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