Helium Developer Kit : Extending Helium IoT Function And Usability.

The popular WisBlock developer platform is now available as a kit specifically designed to be used with The People’s Network. We at RAK have modeled it after our industry-leading modular concept that stands at the core of WisBlock in order to bring our customers the most cost-efficient and easy to work with entry into Helium’s network.

Click. Code. Connect!

Unlike our previous offering, this kit doubles the number of Baseboards and Core modules. Potential developers are fully equipped to create two fully functioning sensor nodes. You can reap the benefits of working on two possible designs of a single node simultaneously or creating two different nodes to complement each other. Design, test, and remodel your ideas with this incredible tool.

The kit features a selection of 13 different WisBlock IO and Sensor modules to address potential applications in environmental monitoring, agricultural automation, asset tracking, etc. In addition to the Cores, Bases, and IO and Sensor modules there are also antennas provided, together with a screwdriver specifically chosen to make mounting the modules simple and straightforward.

All you need to bring a product from prototyping to production is included. Assemble your creation with WisBlock, give it life by joining it to the Helium Network where you can observe your data in real-time and integrate it with 3rd party platforms to analyze and visualize your IoT system. Take the next step in your product development with WisBlock and Helium.

Bundle Components

  • WisBlock Base
    2pcs RAK5005-O | WisBlock Base Board
  • WisBlock Core
    2pcs RAK4631 | WisBlock LPWAN Module
  • WisBlock Sensor
    1pc RAK1901 | WisBlock Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    1pc RAK1902 | WisBlock Barometer Pressure Sensor
    1pc RAK1903 | WisBlock Ambient Light Sensor
    1pc RAK1904 | WisBlock 3-axis Acceleration Sensor
    1pc RAK1906 | WisBlock Environmental Sensor
    1pc RAK1910 | WisBlock GNSS Location Module
  • WisBlock IO
    1pc RAK1920 | WisBlock Sensor Adapter Module
    1pc RAK2305 | WisBlock WiFi Interface Module
    1pc RAK5801 | WisBlock 4-20mA Interface Module
    1pc RAK5802 | WisBlock RS485 Interface Module
    1pc RAK5804 | WisBlock IO Extension Module
    1pc RAK5811 | WisBlock 0-5V Interface Module
    1pc RAK18000 | WisBlock PDM Stereo Microphone Module
  • 2pcs LoRa® Antenna
  • 2pcs BLE Antenna
  • GPS Antenna
  • Manual Screwdriver

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