Helium Hotspot : Placement… Placement… Placement

Guys… one thing for sure is to earn much on Helium HNT coin is to get yours Helium Hotspot placement on the right spot.

Yeah.. You read it right…

Most of the Helium Hotspot owner were buying an Indoor version of Helium Hotspot or compatible models like Nebra or RAK or Bobcat.

These indoor version has limitation on LoRaWAN LongFi coverage due to the placement of your hotpot were indoor. Therefore to get it more value, you need to put some additional antenna outdoor.

Here is what step you should do with your indoor version of Helium Hotspot. The easy way.

1. Buy an IP67 version of insulated box big enough where you can put your Helium Hotspot with additional tool in there.
2. Install and Secure a electrical power strip on the box next to your indoor Helium Hotspot.
3. Buy and install 9dbi External Antenna on your Helium hotspot by replacing the original one… use around 1 or 2 feet of low loss cable to connect it.
4. Put your IP67 box (with all the equipment included) on a 10 feet or more pole on your roof.
5. Roll up long shielded Cat6 ethernet cables from your Helium Hotspot direct to your Internet switch/router. Be aware to install lightning breaker for your Cat6 ethernet cables.
6. All electrical circuit should be grounded for lightning safety.


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